50 Women Over 50

Over 50 and Living in Sobriety

Episode Summary

Recovery community leader Kerri-Jane Diffin is celebrating 13 years of sobriety and her struggles with addiction are now behind her. In this episode she talks about what she’s learned from this and how she turned her life around.

Episode Notes

Host Sherrilynne Starkie welcomes software sales executive Kerri-Jane Diffin to episode 25 of the 50 Women Over 50 podcast

This is the halfway point of the podcasting project with interview 25. To mark this milestone today’s episode is a bit of a family affair because Sherrilynne’s guest is her sister Kerri-Jane, and the discussion gets really personal. 

Kerri is celebrating 13 years of sobriety and her struggles with addiction are now behind her. She’s turned her life around and has learned a lot in the process. 

Kerri advises us to continue to invest in every single relationship we value whether it’s with our spouse, a family member, a dear friend or a new acquaintance. She says that finding true happiness takes time and effort and that we should never take for granted any of the people in our lives. 

About Kerri-Jane Diffin: 

Kerri-Jane Diffin is an active member of the recovery community with 13 years of sobriety she shares her wisdom with those just starting out. In her day job she’s in software sales and she resides in Constance Bay, just west of Ottawa with her husband Marc and cat Misty. 

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