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Over 50 and Starting A New Literary Career

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Award-winning Author Dr. Dunning talks about how becoming a grandmother changed her world view. She says that she never really had that desire to publish until she had grandchildren. For her it was important that her grandchildren knew their Inuk history.

Episode Notes

Host Sherrilynne Starkie welcomes celebrated author Dr. Norma Dunning to episode 23 of the 50 Women Over 50 podcast

She’s a woman who’s life took a whole new turn the year she turned 50. Norma had never been to university and wanted to try it.  Within a few years she’d earned a PhD. in Indigenous Peoples Education and is now a professor at the University of Alberta. 

Dr. Dunning’s story collection entitled Tainna: The Unseen Ones won the 2021 Governor General’s Award for English Fiction.  Her latest book, Kinauvit?: What’s Your Name?, is an examination of Canada’s Eskimo Disc System and how it impacted Norma’s family. 

In this interview Dr. Dunning talks about how becoming a grandmother changed her world view and spurred her into becoming an author. She says, “I never really had that desire to publish until I had grandchildren. Things become different and your values shift. For me it became important that my grandchildren knew their history.”

About Dr. Norma Dunning: 

Dr Norma Dunning is an Inuk Canadian writer and a lecturer at the University of Alberta. Her writing accolades include the 2018 Danuta Gleed Literary Ward, 2018 Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s Howard O’Hagan Award and the 2021 Governor General’s Award for English Language Fiction. She has been shortlisted for the 2018 City of Edmonton Book Award and the 2022 ReLit Award for Short Fiction.

Of Inuit descent, Dr. Dunning was born in Quebec and raised in a variety of towns as her father was a member of the Canadian military. She is based in Edmonton, Alberta, where she completed her doctoral degree with Indigenous Peoples Education at the University of Alberta in June 2019.

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